About Us at Heavenly Hills

This property was purchased by my Dad Back in the early 1940’s.At That time it was used strickly for farm land which included a beautiful apple orchard.My father rented it to a family who continued to farm it.We never lived there but as children we would love to go over for a visit.It was quite primitive at the time and we had to ford two creeks just to get it.The 10 children who lived there taught us how to jump out of the hayloft and drink water from the well.

Much has changed since those days. We now have good roads, indoor bathrooms and city drinking water. We also have a 6 acre lake where the apple orchard used to be.

After the death of my parents, the farm was left to my sister,my brother and myself and is still owned by the 3 of us.However, my sister and my brother have chosen to leave their 40 acres into a retreat for people to come and enjoy the surroundings. Each season has its own beauty.

That is how “Heavenly Hills” came about.

Come see for yourself why it is called heavenly hills.you won’t be disappointed.